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DJ Marco Mei to release new E.P.

Updated: Jan 19

Italian Dj and producer Marco Mei standimng behind turmntables at an event with his arms outstretched, colour image.

Tariq Azam the C.E.O of Scientific Sound Records has today confirmed that after a 14-year absence from a solo release Italian DJ and producer Marco Mei of the duo Bicycle Corporation returns with his Old School Variety E.P. The release which features 2 tracks Buongiorno and Buonasera (Good Morning and Good Evening in Italian) will be made on Friday 19th January.

Italian dJ and producer Marco Mei's E.P cover for Old Schhol variety his new release on scientific Soound Records featuring their logo and track names, colour image.

Marco Mei's Old school Variety E.P cover.

These House and Tech House tracks are a reminder to his following that he still has a sparkle and set Scientific Sound Records on a good path with their first release. Scientific Sound Records will be a House Music Label and Techno label including their sub-genres and other forms of Electronic Music. The release SSR001 will be available on online platforms for purchase and listening.


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